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We are a comprehensive community based therapy services and case management provider. Our services are tailored to fit your needs by trained professionals with flexible scheduling. We work with the entire family to build on the strengths you already possess and set attainable goals that focus on your needs.


Mental Health Services

Assessment begins with an evaluation that includes the client, their family, and information from other sources as needed. The goal is to determine the nature of the problem and develop an individualized treatment plan based on the person’s needs.

Psychotherapy is designed to help with immediate crises as well as ongoing emotional, addiction, or behavioral problems. Therapy sessions may be once or twice a week, in addition to collaborative work with parents for younger children.

Group Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves a therapist working with several people at the same time. A therapist works with members at different stages of the treatment process with similar issues and goals.

Family Therapy may consist of all or some family members being present. Family therapy is used to help family members solve problems and address issues.

Behavioral Health Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services work to teach specific skills that foster rehabilitation and recovery and aide in healthy social interaction. A rehabilitation specialist (PSR) teaches skills needed to reduce the impact of issues and increase healthy functioning. A PSR specialist may work with a participant to lead a full life in a group or individual setting.

Case Management Services occur in a process that includes linkage, advocacy and referral assistance to coordinate a continuum of care and identify and utilize formal and informal supports in the community to empower member independence.

Crisis Intervention Services are for the purpose of responding to acute behavioral or emotional distress. A counselor will respond to your needs as situations arise.

Education and Support Services are designed to offer support and education. These services offer aide and education to promote a healthy lifestyle

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